Tucker 2

This guy is one cool kitten. He has bonded with Anny, they would like a home together if possible, we all need a friend. Cats are no different, some like friends and others don’t, each one is an individual. We have volunteers in house 7 days a week at the Cat House if you would like to visit, we are in house 8-10 and again 3-5, sometimes leaving early if our chores are done. Please call our coordinator if these times don’t work for you, she will schedule a time that works for you to visit. We ask that you wear a mask, wash hands when arriving. We want everyone to stay safe. 541-260-5303 He is a fluffy gray kitten with a grumpy cat face, adorable. G playing games, don’t like who we sent over to adopt so moved to a foster home, they adopted both, whatever G, not playing games with hoarder.

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2 thoughts on “Tucker

  • Shellie Brandt

    Tucker is AMAZING! I am the lucky fur-mommy who he and Annie (Anny) adopted. He loves his springs – he plays fetch – yes, even returns them to me to toss. I am late most mornings when i am on my way to work because it is Tucker Time. He and his sister, Annie are a joy and i am so blessed to have them in my life. Tucker is HUGE – and beautiful. His fur is silky smooth and he and Annie love their tummies brushed. Again, thank you for all you do at Kohls.

    • jesse Post author

      They were surrendered back to the Cat House, with over 100 felines in house, not good. The disease level rises with each one coming in. Lucky for these two a volunteer took them home. They are now hiding in a closet. They will find their way out. Felines are family to me, I’d live in my van down by the river before I would give them up. I’ve been close to it several times but always found a feline friendly place to live. Sorry you had to give them up, terrified in the cat house sitting in a small pen/cage. I’m glad a volunteer stepped up, often they just sit in the cage for months. A shelter/rescue should be the last stop not the first. I’ve been doing this work for over 50 years, I’m not judging but trying to educate. Thanks for the cats, I hope a humane society opens up and will take some of our felines, they find great homes in a bigger city. Wendy of Kohl’s