Tonja’s Treasured 3

She showed up and wanted to help. We set her up with everything she needed to help 3 kittens begin a new life in a new foster home. Tonja is raising 3 kittens, who are about 8-10 weeks old. We are happy to have Tonja on board to help with this much needed task of raising healthy kittens. The only way to do that is keep them from coming into a shelter setting, adult cats carry things kittens should never know about. It’s best to keep them in a private setting where they can grow up disease free. If you would like to adopt, please call our coordinator and she will help you find your way to becoming a new feline pet owner. 541-260-5303. We like indoor only homes for our felines, some exceptions with our barn kitties, even they like a warm place to sleep.

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