Yes that is my name, Tatun. I’m just hiding right now, so many cats in house I don’t want to move. Please help me find my way back to a quieter place. It’s a temporary place to be, some tell me they have been in house for over 11 years, I find this disturbing. I want to go home. I’m a good cat, I love people. All of us are shy here, when we get our permanent home, we come out of our shell knowing their isn’t so many to deal with. We all have to find a spot, pretty much stay in that spot or lose it to the next feline coming in. They come daily, not too many turned away. Call our coordinator Ramona and pick a time to come visit me and so many others in house. We all want a place to call our own. 541-260-5303 she will get back to you if she doesn’t answer the phone, please leave a message. The hours are limited right now 8-10 and 3-4, please come visit. I will be here watching for you.

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