Tao has never had a chance at a real home, he needs a quiet, no fast movements and he may settle down. He is not a lap cat right now but with the right person he could become one. Tao is one of eleven brought in from an Empire rescue, most were young adults (6 months and older) that we trapped, took to Snipped and turned lose in one of our bedrooms at the Cat House. We get so busy with kitten season, they caring for so many, helping the public daily, phone calls, web sites, veterinary visits, buying litter/dry and can food, that we haven’t spent much time with the eleven. We have a volunteer who spends quite a bit of time with them, calling them by name and giving them treats. It seems to work very well, most are coming up to us now.  541-260-5303 our very own coordinator will get back to you asap, she works so be patient.

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