Tabitha-Adopted ^..^

Tabitha is a great kitty.  She loves to cuddle while you read, write or watch your favorite t.v show.  This girl knows what she wants and goes for it, she isn’t shy.  Tabitha would love a home of her own, people to share her life with, a happy place to […]


Tyler likes being a feral, he doesn’t want to be tamed down.  A sighting of this handsome guy is rare but come see if you can spot him.  Tyler stays out of sight but sometimes when things are quiet, you can feel his eyes on you.  A patient person might […]

Twister Sister-Adopted

Twister Sister is one cutie pie of a cat.  She has that tiny tail that is short and twisted, thus her name.  She was abandoned but still loves people even though they left her on the street.   She will wrap around your neck or legs, sit on your lap, […]


Timmy came to us as a small kitten from the feral barrel @ CCAS.  He was so tiny w/o a mother, he could eat dry food on his own and canned.  We have never been able to touch him but he gets awful close to you sometimes.  He watches you […]