What about Bob-Adopted

What about Bob?  He isn’t a traveling cat at all but he loves to be home where you are.  Bob is of course a bob tail cat with loads of personality.  He is gentle, gives head butts if he likes you and will cuddle on your lap for hours on […]


What about Bob?  No this is Bob not What about Bob although both are black and white in color.  He is so quiet you hardly know he is here.  Bob loves the outdoors, he is the Clint Eastwood of all our cats.  He has a soft side, musical side and […]


Biscotti is a gorgeous calico. Her passion in life is baking and trying new recipes. She also loves to ride horses, camping and dancing. Biscotti has so much to offer any human if only they would give her the time of day.  She just needs that right person who can […]

Berton 2

Berton is not a lap cat, with patience, a quiet household and trust, he could become a lap cat. Berton is a handsome guy with lots of charisma.  He loves fast cars, beautiful women and great food.   He is our Paul Newman of cats w/o the blue eyes.  Berton […]

Basement Betsy

Basement Betsy loves baseball, hows that for a girl.  Her favorite movie is “A league of their own” with her favorite actor Tom Hanks.  Betsy loves to show off with her knowledge of baseball trivia.  This girl is sure to bring a smile to your face and heart.  She is […]


Bagel is a little shy but warms up quickly with new people.  She loves hanging out on the towers and watching the other cats play.  Bagel loves a quiet home where she can practice her violin.   She prefers a home where she can get all of your attention.   […]