Avalon is a beauty but a bit feral.  She doesn’t want to be tamed down but would love someone to love her the way she is.  This pretty gal would like to be an indoor cat only, freedom to be hersef @ all times.  She may tame down with patience […]


Apache is one orange cat who knows exactly what he wants out of life.  He is having the best time on his skate board.  This guy knows how to roll with the good times. He is kind of shy but would come out of his shell for the right person […]


Abner is a gentle guy, sort of our George Clooney.  He makes us laugh out loud several times a day.  He likes to hang with his buddies and play cards out in the Tiki Lounge.  He enjoys life to the fullest, soaking up the sunshine every chance he gets.  If […]


Abby has a winning personality and lots of charm.  She loves water colors and paints portraits all the time.  This girl likes garden parties where she can entertain all her girlhood friends. A good country dance with live music makes her happy inside. She loves to play violin and watch […]