Sweet Sam-Adopted :)

Sammy chillin' the evening he was rescued

Sammy chillin’ the evening he was rescued

This plucky little kitty had the bad luck of ending up in the wrong household. On the evening of Tuesday 10/6 he was found by a neighbor dragging a broken hind leg down the street. Our hearts were further shredded to learn that he had been injured in an undefined “incident” a week or more prior but his family couldn’t be bothered to help him at all, apparently just left him to wander with this injury. Scuttlebutt has it that at first they thought his back was broken, but then when it appeared to be “just” his leg, well THAT’S not a big deal, right?

His pretty spotted leg is the injured one

His pretty spotted leg is the injured one

We took him in and confined him to a small warm area with a bed, food and water and litterbox for the evening as it was too late to do much else. He didn’t complain at all and purred madly whenever he got his head scratched, the pure love nugget. The next morning he was delivered to the angels at Kohl’s Kitty House in Coos Bay – another broken leg kitty was going in for a followup with the vet and Sammy went directly to Dr. Baum in Bandon.

Sammy Post Surgery

Sammy Post Surgery

His hip socket had been separated and the leg was amputated on Thursday 10/8.

Braveheart kitty never cried, just wants more lovin'.

Braveheart kitty never cried, just wants more lovin’.

These post surgery pics were taken Tuesday 10/13. It looks like he has already learned to cushion his incision on his other foot, smart boy!

Sammy will be fostered until he is fully recovered and will be available for adoption. We hope he gets a new family with hearts as large as his.

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