Shannon is an all black DMH who just needs someone to love. She wants her very own human being. She came in 2008 and has lived with all the other cats for way too long. Let’s help clear out the Cat House, make room for new ones that need care. We have housed these way too long w/o much human contact. They crave humans, have to be pretty special to tame one down with patience, love and quiet home. Now is the time to help them become the cat they could be w/o competition from all the other cats. Please call Kohl’s Cattery and make an appointment to come visit us. We get overwhelmed often and with a handful of volunteers just keeping up on the daily feedings/scooping/cleaning, there isn’t much time to interact with the felines. Adopt today, save a life or two. All our cats are indoor only, safer that way for them. Our coordinator 541-260-5303 3/18/21 Gloria took to Baum as cat unresponsive at CH, PTS in renal failure. How sad no one notice these cats unless they are almost dead

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