Another one that was never adopted when found in 2013 in zipped duffel bags near Ken Ware Chevrolet. They all deserve homes and now is the time to adopt. No more anxiety or worries with a cat you can talk too. They relieve stress from day to day life. Sacha isn’t lap friendly but she knows how to entertain and use her litter box. Most cats here are not super friendly but with the right environment, patience and love they can become the best feline ever. Let’s clear out the Cat House and give these cats a chance to know what it is to have a family that cares. She is the tiger in the bed in the picture. Please call GLORIA KOHL 541-294-3876 NO TEXT PLEASE, very busy phone so if you leave a msg and she doesn’t call you back. Please call again until you hear her voice on the other end. Thanks

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