Rose and Teddy

Rose and Teddy came in with severe upper respiratory infection but were in an excellent foster home where they received the care they needed in order to survive. URI is deadly to kittens, so these two are very lucky. They are now at the Cat House but at only 1 lb they have a ways to go before being adopted. They must weigh 2 lbs or more in order to get spay/neutered. We have started them on the worm/flea medications in order to keep them healthy. They are currently eating Wellness can food for kittens and Purina One dry food for kittens. We usually start them out on Royal Canin for kittens/mama cats as it is a tiny kibble they can chew. We ask that you look but not touch the kittens, they do not have an immune system until they are 6 months old. It is best to keep everyone safe especially the kittens in our care.

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