Nelly came to us in 2010, she isn’t as scared as she was when she arrived. She will probably never be a lap cat but with the right person and some patience, she might just turn around. We get so busy most the time that we don’t have the support to lend to those who are scared upon arrival and never get much attention year after year. They get ignored, their needs for food/water/litter and a safe place from harm but one on one is never an option unless a volunteer comes along who spend quality time with them. Please call to make an appointment today, see if we can’t clear out the Cat House. Some of the cats have stayed here too long, it’s time for them to go home. Call GLORIA KOHL 541-294-3876 NO TEXT PLEASE. If you want a cat you see, be that cats advocate. If you call or leave a msg, no one calls you back, call again until you get her on the phone. Thanks

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