Ms. Kitty 2

An old kitty who just wants to be the center of attention. She wants you to sit with her while she eats several small meals a day. She doesn’t need the competition that she is getting at the Cat House for her food or bed. She’s a quiet kitty and is very lovable. Old cats are the best cats, they don’t keep you awake at night and they are always ready to share your lap. She is on heart on medication which isn’t hard to give to her. This girl is a lover of life and wants so much to be with that special person who can give her a little life back. She went home with Dawn as an anniversary present, love it.

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2 thoughts on “Ms. Kitty

    • jesse Post author

      Ms. Kitty came in as a stray and yes she was seen by our veterinary in Bandon. She has end stages of kidney failure but can live a good life if given a chance. She is so sweet, loves to eat small meals several times a day. Please come by and visit her, she is a doll as most our senior cats are. Please call Gloria to set up a time, 541-294-3876 or stop by at 8 a.m. or 3 p.m. we feed/scoop and interact with the cats at this time every single day of the week.