Misty was found along a driveway one cold morning in December. She was unresponsive, cold and lifeless. The woman scooped her up and brought her to Gloria. Gloria knew she must first get the cat warm, it is the most important step when finding a cold cat/kitten. Then see if they are hydrated, pinch the skin behind the head, if it bounces back quickly the cat is hydrated. If the skin stays up, it is dehydrated and needs warm fluids sub q. Gloria calls in her volunteers that know how to hydrate sub q. She started feeding her with a 3 cc syringe homemade warm broth with pedialyte, go to the side of the mouth not to aspirated into the lungs. After a day she responded, she saw our veterinarian in Bandon and is still recovering. She is a bit wobbly but doing better every day.

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