Meredith Grey

ADOPTED! She is a beautiful tiger girl. She is about 4 weeks old now. The 3 siblings are being hand raised since they were taken from their mother at only days old. In a few weeks, she will be off the bottle she loves and move on to a bowl of food. She is using a litter box most the time. She plays for small periods through out the day. She has 2 siblings, the boy is spoken for but the girls have yet seen an adoptive person to date 4/26/21. We hear there is a list but nothing in writing so far. So I am the foster mom, putting them online so you can see the work we are dedicated in doing. We wore out one foster home, it is time consuming around the clock care. It can wear you down quickly. We should all give praise to a mother cat, she does her job with such ease. Call our coordinator if you are interested, our felines are indoor only. Please leave your name, number and a good time to reach you as they are in foster care, not at the Cat House. 541-260-5303 Ramona will get back to you, she has voice mail and she does text. I am the foster mom, you can text me and I will respond 541-260-0156. Have a great day.

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