Lady once had a life, for nine years she shared it with her owner then one day all the cats of the house were tossed outside, no longer did they have a place to call home (evicted). The owner moved on, living mostly on the streets in Coos Bay/North Bend area, Empire. The cats have been on their own with an occasional feeding from the owner when she gets to their neighborhood, it isn’t easy since her bike was stolen. She does what she can. A couple months ago, Lady had an injury to her right eye, no one could get near her but her owner. Just a few days ago (4/14/18) she was being fed by her owner, picked up and placed in a carrier. She went to the vet to get the eye removed. She is recovering at the Cat House. She will need some rest but is ready to being life again, she needs a forever home. She is shy but will come around with the right patient person.

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