Kittens coming out of our ears 6

We have calls several times a day about kittens, kitten on Craigslist, Kittens without moms, kittens everywhere, kittens being dumped and found on the street/ditch. All our kittens under 6 months are usually in foster care, it is not safe to have them at the Cat House.  They do not have an immune system to protect them from disease, most disease is deadly to young kittens if exposed. We are asking that you call us (541-260-5303) first for an appointment before you visit our facility.  We must keep everyone safe during this time.  We are full up with kittens right now, our foster homes are overwhelmed.  Please opt to adopt two instead of one, they are often litter mates and get along.  

Kittens in our care

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6 thoughts on “Kittens coming out of our ears

  • jesse Post author

    We have a flame point kitten in foster with a sibling right now, both have upper respiratory but in good hands with our foster mom. I can get her number if you are still interested. I’ve been on the road and unable to read comments but I’m back now. Sorry

  • jesse Post author

    You are talking about another group FOCCAS that is in the Pony Village Mall every Saturday. Please look up there website or visit them on the weekend.

    • jesse Post author

      No we do not have any in house but a mom with 4 kittens in foster care but they won’t be ready for at least 6 to 8 weeks, just newborn. Thanks for looking.

  • Becky Yaeger

    looking to foster – most likely – love kittens, but would actually prefer a mature lap cat type – ideally without claws? Do you have any declawed cats?

    Would love to adopt long term, but Mom and I talked it over – and as that I will be her caretaker in a few years – and she’s allergic to flea bites – falling in love with a forever cat is not something I can do now (as that my last 2 lived to be about 18 years old)

    But fostering would be helpful for my solace at this moment. I live on my own, and am lonely without anything to snuggle with. So I thought I might reach out to you. Let me know if you have any declawed cats (ideally female – I know I’m asking a lot) that are fosterable. – and what you would charge for the honor of fostering a cat.

    Thank you

    • jesse Post author

      We don’t have declawed cats in our care. Oh they come in but we move them to higher adoption facilities. We do not promote declawing, a cruel thing to do to a cat. It’s like taking the ends of your fingers off and the first joint from your nails. Most do not fair well, stop using a litter box, can’t walk and a whole lot of other ailments. You might contact FOCCAS in Pony Village Mall on Saturdays 10 – 4 they may have what you are looking for. Thanks for looking.