Hannah’s Heartwarming girl

This little girl is so sweet. She is getting as much attention as she wants in her foster home but it is time for her to move on. She deserves an indoor only home of her own right now. We believe she is the runt of the litter but a beautiful little girl. If you would like to meet her, please call our coordinator and work a time out. We are asking that the adoption fee be the spay fee at our low cost/high quality “Snipped Clinic” which is $60 for female cats and $45 for the males. We are in rescue to save lives, one way to do this is by spay/neutering. Call 541-260-5303 if you would like to meet this little girl. We have many more in foster homes and at the Cat House. One of Ramona’s nurses at BAH and her daughter adopted this sweet little girl fostered by Hannah/Brent and their daughter Alex. 11/16/2020

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