Gravy train

Gravy Train and Cally or Callie are a bonded pair, they get along so well. It is amazing to watch them play or even nap next to each other. Not sure who names these poor things but deserve a better name. Off my soap box now, she was living in a car, with 5 other cats. She had 3 kittens, one died other two had severe upper respiratory, plugged noses, mouth breathing and lungs full of crackles. They went into foster care, around the clock care, started on antibiotics, plenty of fluids, b 12 sublingual added to their diet daily and food lots and lots of high quality kitten food, mostly canned as they can get the fluids from the canned food. They were in care for 6 days and now in another foster home with excellent care, one is already 2 pounds (came in at 9 ounces on Mothers Day) Their mom is spayed and ready for her new home. She is healthy and waiting to live indoors. Please contact our coordinator with a phone call or a text 541-260-5303.

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