Eddie is not a Lap cat, with patience he will come around. Eddie is shy and would do well in a quiet home with not a lot of sudden movement or loud noise. He is not a feral but around here, cage free, they become a little wild. We talk to them everyday and try and learn all their names. This helps make a connection with them, they often are eating out of our hands after a while. Eddie enjoys fishing, crabbing and living on the coast. He is a handsome guy, with lots of personality. He is our Tom Selleck of the Cat House, smooth as silk attitude. Come visit our little rescue house on the Coast, see how many you can name. Adopt, Rescue, Volunteer or Donate, these are ways to help our little group of rescue felines.  541-260-5303 our coordinator will be waiting for your call, she works so leave a msg if no one answers, she will respond asap.

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