Dawn’s delightful 3

All 3 have been adopted! They came out of a burn pile that was set on fire, when they heard crying from the pile, they rescued the 3 tiny kittens, eyes just starting to open. They have been in Dawn’s care for 3 weeks today, a lot of ups and downs but doing great now with her observant nature while in mommy mode. I believe these 3 have been adopted but I’m posting just in case they fail to adopt when old enough. We get kittens all the time, so please stay in touch. If really interested, meet and greet then stay in touch so you get to know them while young. They grow up so fast. You can contact our coordinator to see if we have any available, she will have phone numbers and what we have on hand in foster care. Thanks for looking and especially to those who donate. This work is hands on and without donations we could not continue to do the work we do on a daily basis. Thanks so much.

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