Not a Lap Cat

These are cats that live indoors but need more socializing to be lap cats.


This girl came in pregnant but lost all four babies. She is now a healthy spayed female but a feral (not a lap cat) She would do best as a partner in a home, one that would learn in time to trust you. She is scared but we’ve seen them […]

White Radish

He’s scared out of his mind, but he’s safe in our Tiki Lounge for the time being. Norman has spotted another cat that looks just like him in a certain dumping spot in Charleston where he feeds daily. White Radish is obviously lived on his own for sometime or not […]

Tuesday – Friday

We have 4 plus more feral cats looking for a safe, warm place to reside outdoors, perhaps a barn. They will need fed daily and fresh water available to them while they reside with you. Some may come around and some day you will be able to pet them. They […]


This guy is scared, once living on the street now in a kennel to adjust here at the Cat House. He was not neutered so a trip to Snipped was in order, no un-fixed felines at the Cat House. If everyone would fix their pets, we wouldn’t have much rescue […]


Hauser isn’t so friendly after being live trapped in the Hauser area. We will give this kitty time to adjust before we mess with it. We are not sure if it’s a boy or girl. It doesn’t matter, it is out of the elements and inside where it is warm/safe.


Eddie is not a Lap cat, with patience he will come around. Eddie is shy and would do well in a quiet home with not a lot of sudden movement or loud noise. He is not a feral but around here, cage free, they become a little wild. We talk […]

John Cougar

John is Not A Lap cat but with patience he could become one. John Cougar is here singing “there’s no place like home”. John is super shy, it will take a lot to calm this guy down but with patience and a lot of love, it can be done. He […]


Penny is not a Lap cat but with patience, kindness and a lot of love she may come around to being the best cat ever. Penny is such a great gal. She would be a good pal for anyone who adopts her. Penny loves being at the cat house where […]


Tao has never had a chance at a real home, he needs a quiet, no fast movements and he may settle down. He is not a lap cat right now but with the right person he could become one. Tao is one of eleven brought in from an Empire rescue, […]


Tavie is not a lap cat with the right person, patience and persistence he could become a lap cat, perhaps. Tavie is one of eleven who came into the cat house four years ago (2012) Tavie and the others were altered at our Snipped clinic but we haven’t been able […]


Franco is not a lap cat but with love, affection, quiet, patience and trust he could become a lap cat. Franco was left behind when his 90 some year old owner died, leaving 14 un-altered cats. Kohl’s Cat House to the rescue, all 14 taken to our veterinary to be […]


Juno has been here since 2012, raised by a foster mom but never super friendly. We are working on that now, with treats in hand and calling them by name, they are responding well. Juno loves to romp, roar and tumble around the cat house with his pals, we call […]


Boz is not a lap cat but perhaps he dreams of being one. With the right person, patience and love, he could become the best cat a person could want. Boz is an awesome guy, a handsome tabby. He isn’t approachable and keeps an eye on you at all times. […]

Jelly Bean

Please help this girl come out of her shell, she just doesn’t trust humans after being dumped like garbage. She needs to learn to trust again, can you help her become a lap cat? Jelly bean is a beautiful, stunning white calico.  She is in our Sun Room, where there […]


Dandy is a wonderful guy.  He likes attention.  This guy would be a wonderful addition to your family.  Dandy loves you to comb his hair and cuddle with him.  Possibly a flamepoint Siamese as he does have the dark orange ears and is white.  Come take a look, all our […]


Timmy came to us as a small kitten from the feral barrel @ CCAS.  He was so tiny w/o a mother, he could eat dry food on his own and canned.  We have never been able to touch him but he gets awful close to you sometimes.  He watches you […]


Stonewall is not a lap cat but with patience and time, perhaps he could become one. Do you have the time to tame this handsome guy? Stonewall was brought to us after his owner couldn’t find work here on the coast.  Stonewall is unsure of the cat house and just […]


Sherlock is not a lap cat, he could possibly become one with the right person. All he needs is patience, time and shown lots of trust. Sherlock is undercover, well not really but he thinks he is.  He loves to spy on you from the top shelf.  He is a […]


Schyler is not a lap cat, she gets close but then runs away. Sometimes it just takes patience, learning to trust humans again, time and lots of love. Schyler (pronounced Skylar) is a beauty but a bit hissy but who isn’t when rejected.  Schyler will need a patient home with […]


Sayo is a light tabby like his mom.  He was living on the streets trying to survive.  It is rough out there for cats/kittens.  He will need a patient home, one that will dote all their attention on him. He prefers a home w/o small children, no dogs and super […]


Sacha is not a lap cat, she has no intentions of ever being a lap cat unless the right patient person came along to adopt her and give her a chance. Sacha is a bright lovely tabby/white cat, it will take someone with a whole lot of patience to win […]


Roo is a happy girl but a little on the shy side with strangers.  She loves to roller blade and play hopscotch.  Roo really cares about the environment and is often involved in beach clean-up.  If you love a soft beauty like roo, come take a look.  We always ask […]


Nelly is not a lap cat but with the right home perhaps she could become a lap cat. Do you have a quiet home, one you would share with a shy girl who needs to blossom where planted? Nelly is not like Nelly Olsen of “Little House on the Prarie” […]


Lincoln is not a lap cat but when it comes to treats he is first in line, so perhaps it would just take the right person, a quiet household to bring him out of his shell. Lincoln is a sportscaster of the Cat House.  He has lots of interesting cats […]


Laverne is a wild and crazy girl.  She loves sky diving, skinny dipping and demolition derby @ Coos Bay Speed Way.  Laverne will require a quiet home, no dogs, no children and no loud noises.  She prefers her space to be quiet so she can concentrate on her hobbies.  She […]


Kaz is not a lap cat, maybe he never wants to be one either. He is used to life as it is but with the right patient person, someone who loves to have a cat around but not on their lap. This guy would be perfect and with time, he […]


Judan is not a lap cat, maybe like his sibling he doesn’t want anything to do with humans. Maybe just maybe the right person comes along who wants a challenge and with patience tames this cat down. That would be awesome to the cat and to those in rescue. Judan […]


Jazz is a lot of things but certainly not a lap cat. With patience, love and lots of trust perhaps one day he could become a lap cat. Jazz loves to play the drums.  He can generate quite a crowd with his solo’s on the drums.  This young cat likes […]

Icabod “Lucky” Logger

Icabod isn’t a logger but he is one lucky guy.  This guy lives on the edge and has used up many of his nine lives.  He believes that life should be lived and not wasted.  Icabod has been a fisherman on the Alaskan seas, a tug boat captian and fished […]


What about Bob?  No this is Bob not What about Bob although both are black and white in color.  He is so quiet you hardly know he is here.  Bob loves the outdoors, he is the Clint Eastwood of all our cats.  He has a soft side, musical side and […]


Biscotti is a gorgeous calico. Her passion in life is baking and trying new recipes. She also loves to ride horses, camping and dancing. Biscotti has so much to offer any human if only they would give her the time of day.  She just needs that right person who can […]


Berton is not a lap cat, with patience, a quiet household and trust, he could become a lap cat. Berton is a handsome guy with lots of charisma.  He loves fast cars, beautiful women and great food.   He is our Paul Newman of cats w/o the blue eyes.  Berton […]