Cats – Mature

Susie Q

She is precious as they come and beautiful too. Her owner died and didn’t leave instructions for her feline companions. So they wind up in a shelter full of cats. She has two buddies that are used to each other, they would like a home too. It’s easy to adopt […]


Buffy needs an indoor home today, he is the best cat ever and he will tell you so. He is now in a foster home with love from 3 female humans who are kind to him. He had company over the holidays and he didn’t like the guy, he stayed […]


He is not really Grumpy, he is a love bug but hisses at you to protect himself. He is from Charleston boat basin where cats are dumped by uncaring people. If people cared about their pets, they would take care of them until the end of life. Grumpy will take […]

Rosemary or Pop tart

She’s one cool senior cat. Her mom had to let several go when she died and hadn’t set up for her cats. These older cats need a secure room, one with more than one litter box, perhaps Chucks aka as washable pee pads in place in case of an accident, […]


He looks a little grumpy but he isn’t, he’s a little overwhelmed by the numbers of felines in one place. Cats like to have their space, they don’t like being sardines. We are lucky that most find a spot and stick to it day after day. We occasionally have a […]

Willy Bee

Willy Bee is a 11 years old and not so sure about life with so many cats. If you are looking for a great cat, please come visit us at Kohl’s Cat House, we are here for your every feline need. We have so many in house now, we need […]


He is an older guy who needs some one on one. He isn’t into other cats or animals as he prefers to have you all to himself. He should be your only pet unless you have a pet rock. Leon had a male owner but his owner died. He would […]


Nelly came to us in 2010, she isn’t as scared as she was when she arrived. She will probably never be a lap cat but with the right person and some patience, she might just turn around. We get so busy most the time that we don’t have the support […]


A feral guy but one that has lived in house for a while. He comes around a lot during feeding/treat time. Norman isn’t a lap cat or one you can pick up but it is truly amazing what one on one can do for this shy cats. There are so […]


Biscotti is a gorgeous calico. Her passion in life is baking and trying new recipes. She also loves to ride horses, camping and dancing. Biscotti has so much to offer any human if only they would give her the time of day.  She just needs that right person who can […]