ADOPTED (Have a home)

King Tut

King Tut had quite the life living near a retirement home, everyone there loved this cat but the new management. “Do Not Feed the Cat” was the new managements policy, if you do, you will get a notice to move out. King tut isn’t any worse for the wear, he […]


Suki is a drop dead gorgeous girl. He family found themselves without a home and so here she is at a shelter. At least she has shelter, she isn’t too shy either, she doesn’t mind the other cats but they are not sure about her. Suki needs a forever home, […]

Cat Nip

Cat Nip is a beautiful girl that just wants to be an indoor only cat with a warm lap to lay in. She is outgoing and loves to investigate her surroundings. She is not fond of all the other cats, most cats prefer their own space. Please stop by and […]


Charlotte can be a handful, she is very pushy and knows what she wants. She wants to be where you are so if you don’t mind, she could be a wonderful cat. We try to keep them all indoors where it is safe and they do really well but Charlotte […]


A big lovable guy who is FIV positive which means he needs to be an only cat or other FIV positive cats. He is super mellow and likes to talk a lot. If you are looking for a great pet, indoor only cat, come by the Cat House.


Thomas was left when the house sold, he walks with a limp and has an old injury to his left eye but none of this slows him down. He will need to be an indoor only cat, a home that is quiet where he can be comfortable. This guy is […]

Ginger Ale

Ginger is gorgeous and she knows it. She is a little bit shy but we think it is overwhelming her with 60 plus cats to contend with. She prefers her kennel as to free roaming with the others. She loves to snuggle in your arms and will purr loudly. Ginger […]

Honey nose

Honey nose as we call her at the Cat House is shy at first but warms up quickly. There are a lot of cats here so it is overwhelming for the new comers. She was brought in by a concerned neighbor, the cat was being chased by dogs and it […]


Venna came off the street because she had a serious injury to her tail. She has seen a veterinary and her tail was made shorter in order to save her life. Venna will need a quiet home, a home that will love her no matter what. She isn’t happy being […]

Ting a ling

Ting a ling is a princess and wants to be treated accordingly. She doesn’t care for other cats or kittens, she wants to be the only one. If you love beauty and a little attitude, come see Ting a ling, she has both but loves to purr her socks off […]

Bonnie or Bill an Clyde

Bonnie or Bill the little all gray domestic short hair and Clyde black/white domestic short hair hiding in the background are adoptable little ones, soon that is. They have to be 2 lbs to get them fixed (spay/neutered) at our low cost, high quality clinic in Empire. These two love […]

Melissa Ethridge

Melissa can rock n roll with the best of them. She has a new album out and boy can she sing. This girl won’t last long, such stunning features, mellow and just a big love. She loves attention, big purrs from her while being groomed.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a stunning black kitten with lots of spunk. She has a voice and wants to be heard above the crowd. This little girl will make a great family addition, she loves attention. Our kittens are usually in foster care, but we are in need of foster homes […]


Mike is here at the Cat House with Pat, brothers left on the street in Charleston. It was cold and windy but someone set a box of kittens near the road by Davey Jones Locker Store. A good person called Kohl’s Cat House to ask for help. We hear a […]


Pat is here at the Cat House with Mike, ordinary names but not ordinary boys, they love to play, romp, bounce and rumble. These two are the funniest kittens you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching play. They will make you smile each and every day. They were found on […]


Willow is such a gentle little girl. She wasn’t happy out on the street, she wants to be inside where she feels safe. If you don’t want more felines, we do have a spay/neuter clinic, low cost and open weekly. Do the right thing for your pets, get them spay/neutered. […]


Just brought in to the Cat House by some very caring citizens of Lakeside, this little girl was left behind when the neighbors moved. The people in the neighborhood do not tolerate cats, so they would shoot them or poison them. The people who brought her in were so worried […]


Tess is blind but that doesn’t slow her down too much. She is a loving feline who would love to be loved for who she is. Tess likes a gentle brushing, talk softly to her as you approach her and she purrs loudly. This girl is a true sweetheart in […]

Itty Bitty

Itty Bitty is shy upon first meeting him but warms up once he knows you are okay. This big guy will need lots of positive attention, a quiet home and unconditional love. If you would like to meet this beautiful boy, come sit quietly in our Sun room, he is […]


Winston is one handsome dude, he loves attention. His eyes were messed up when he came into our facility, herpes perhaps, with a little TLC he will be looking better. The best one can do with a cat with herpes is to adopt one cat and keep only one, it […]

4 kittens

4 more little hissy kittens but the foster mom is working on them daily. A nice bowl of warm goat milk, a few pets and scratches under the chin, they will be purring in no time. They are 2 pounds, so spay/neuter and they are ready for adoption. Still hissy […]

Boat Basin Kittens

These 3 were found at the boat basin in Charleston. A little hissy right now but with some patience and handling, these 3 will be okay. Not quite @ 2 pounds so not big enough to spay/neuter, no adoptions until they are up to date. It doesn’t hurt to come […]


Janey is our gymnast of all our kittens, she can do flips, somersaults, sprint and tumble with the best of the Olympic team.  Janey craves attention, loves being in the spotlight.  This beautiful girl will warm your heart and soul with her delightful energy.  She is one of a kind, […]


Krissy is a pest but a wonderful pest.  She was found and brought to us because they could not keep her.  This little girl just wants to be a big part of your family.  She loves to snuggle, make biscuits and purr but most of all play, she will play […]

Nelly Olsen

Wow, what a bossy little kitten.  She hollers, growls, pushes and jumps on the other kittens.  She is our very own Nelly Olsen.  She has catitude for sure.  This little one will not give in, she is the boss and that is that for this cat.  If you like to […]


Natty was left behind when someone moved away, the home owners were shocked when they saw her looking out of the window.  They thought for sure the people would come back for her but they never did.  So Natty is here at the Cat House adjusting to a life with […]


Bailey is a wonderful girl, she loves her food and enjoys some treats too.  She has a little skin issue but probably just a flea allergy.  She has been treated for fleas and our vet is keeping an eye on her.  Bailey loves you to talk to her and tell […]


Littles has a big heart, she loves attention and she loves her treats.  If you have love to give to a feline, Littles would be your pal.  She romps around, swishing her tail to let all around her know she is happy.  Life is good at the Cat House but […]


Maggie will melt your heart like chocolate m&m’s in your hand melt.  She is that sweet and more.  This girl came to us super shy, she only knew a home of love then given to us because of health issues.  She certainly has come a long way.  Maggie will be […]


Julius was one of the Bandon felines left behind when the owner moved away, leaving them to relying on the neighbors for food, water and attention.  Julius went home with our volunteer who takes time and patience with them to get them comfortable for adoption.  You see how relaxed he […]


Lily is not shy, she is a wonderful senior feline who craves attention and canned salmon, tuna or mackerel from you.  She has had a long battle with depression here at the cat house, her owners gave up on her because of costly veterinary visits.  Well we took her to […]


Buddy is the boss or so he thinks.  He would do best in a home w/o other animals.  He wants you all to himself.  He is a fun guy with attitude.  Buddy is a big cat, he could be a lap cat but he is heavy.  If you would like […]

Orange Crush

Orange crush would settle down a lot quicker in a loving environment with one on one contact.  He doesn’t seem as scared as his brothers, no airplane ears (laid back).  He was left behind when his owner decided to move on, with only the neighbors to care for them.  It […]


Cheddar is another Bandon cat left behind when the owner decided to move and not take them with her.  These guys are just scared, they were handled by the neighbors young children.  We know they are not feral but being indoors they haven’t felt like trusting us.  We turned their […]


We call them “airplane ears” as they aren’t quite sure what we are doing with them.  We don’t mean them harm but they (Bandon Cats) have known nothing but outdoor life, left when the owner moved.  Some are turning around, they just need a patient home with lots of encouragement, […]


Bandon is not a lap cat but each day he gets friendlier. He would do best with someone one on one, patience, persistence and a lot of love shown to him. A good looking guy, Bandon is waiting patiently for his forever home.  He will require patience while he learns […]


Necco is kind of standoffish right now, he was an indoor cat until his owner died.  The daughter let him outside and he wandered for 3 months living the life of an unaltered male.  We live trapped him, took him to S/nipped where he was neutered.  For some odd reason […]

Ms. Binks

Ms. Binks is here in foster with her brother Cruz.  Both are altered now (spay female, neuter male) and they are ready to being life with you.   They are a team, they love to play chase, climb the tower and roll around laughing.  These two are a hoot.  If […]


Cruz is adorable and he loves to race around, zoom zoom.  This guy could be your next best friend, he loves to cuddle.  He is curious, loves to play and climb.  Cruz is neutered now and ready for a home, up to date on his vaccines, worming and flea treated. […]

Polydactyl kittens x 4

Also called Hemingway cats, means extra toes.  They are awesome kittens, each individual personalities.  They love to play, be silly and entertain each other.  If you like fun, nothing is more entertaining than a couple of kittens.  It is better than watching the best comedy show on television.  You are […]


Morgan is a gentle boy who just wants a place to call home.  He is currently in foster care like all our kittens.  He loves to play and interact with you.  At 2 lbs he will be neutered then he will be ready for his new indoor only home.  If […]

Little One

Little One is a pill but a loving one.  She is a bossy little thing.  She has to do things her way or no way.  A real cuddle bug who loves her belly scratched.  Her brother is twice her size thus her name.  Little one won’t be 2 lbs until […]


Snickers is one cool kitten, he is super mellow.  This guy will steal your heart, he is so loving.  Snickers needs a forever indoor home and when the time is right, he likes to venture outside with you by his side.  This guy is so easy going, he doesn’t bother […]


The sweetest cat ever, she is done having kittens and wants a life of her own.  She is a real cuddle bug and would love to be on your lap.  Most Calico’s have strong personalities and know what they want in life, she is more laid back but may because […]

Hansel & Gretel

Two little ones found in a drill box outside the cat house, they are safe now.  In a week or two they will be ready for adoption.  They are in foster care right now, growing, playing, romping and having a good time.  Very loving, silly and a whole lot of […]

Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Kittens are in foster care and will be ready for adoption soon.  They are playful, loving, laid back and cute as a button.  The 2 kittens are happy and well adjusted, they just need a forever home.  Our mission is to see they get what they need out […]

Mia Mya-Adopted

Mia Mya is one beautiful girl.  She is shy but warms up when she has you all to herself, not too fond of other felines.  She is the queen and that is okay in the cat world.  They should have a place to call their own.  Mia Mya is staying […]

Cookie-Adopted ^..^

Cookie just came into the Cat House today, she is a product of divorce.  It is never easy on anyone but being left behind is awful.  Cookie doesn’t have a clue what happened to her family, she is confused.  Please come see this girl and see if she would be […]

Peaches-Adopted :)

This is handsome Peaches, his owner passed away and he was left all alone.  He is a talker and a cuddle bug.  Peaches would love a 2nd chance at another perfect place to call home.  Won’t you come visit this guy and fall in love with him, he is truly […]


Graycee maybe just a plain gray cat but this girl is bursting with happiness.  She is shy @ first but spend some quiet time with her and she will be eating out of your hand.  Graycee just wants a warm lap to call her own, she is gentle, kind and […]


Chloe where are you?  She loves to play, entertain and be with her people.  If you truly love a great cat, Chloe is your girl.  She has it all, personality, charismatic, friendly and lovable.  This girl will wrap you around her little paws and never let go.  Come visit Chloe […]

Tabitha-Adopted ^..^

Tabitha is a great kitty.  She loves to cuddle while you read, write or watch your favorite t.v show.  This girl knows what she wants and goes for it, she isn’t shy.  Tabitha would love a home of her own, people to share her life with, a happy place to […]


Lily is our only Maine Coon at this time but what a beauty and very mellow.  This girl is so soft and loves people.  She will win your heart with her gentleness, softness and personality.  Come see Lily today, she is waiting for a forever home.  She wants to be […]

What about Bob-Adopted

What about Bob?  He isn’t a traveling cat at all but he loves to be home where you are.  Bob is of course a bob tail cat with loads of personality.  He is gentle, gives head butts if he likes you and will cuddle on your lap for hours on […]


Kitty is here to circumstances she cannot control.  She is a quiet girl so far but time will tell her true colors.  Kitty had one owner who cared about her deeply.  She has not been around dogs or other cats.  She lived on a boat out in Charleston.  If you […]

Twister Sister-Adopted

Twister Sister is one cutie pie of a cat.  She has that tiny tail that is short and twisted, thus her name.  She was abandoned but still loves people even though they left her on the street.   She will wrap around your neck or legs, sit on your lap, […]


Sushi is quite shy when you first meet her but she warms up quickly to those she likes to spend time with. She spends her day looking for a spot in the sun to relax in her new swim suit. Sushi loves to play volleyball and ride her quad. A […]


Silvia is a shy cat and keeps a close eye on your every move. She would probably do best in a quiet home w/o much going on, she scares easily.  She has the prettiest eyes and is a great cat just not that friendly.  She came in with five kittens […]


Roxy is one happy cat. She really likes painting, she is always looking for a model. If you would like your face on canvas then come let this girl paint you. She tries to help when we paint anything in the Cat House. She really does have an eye for […]

Romeo Adopted :)

Oh Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo?  He is here at the Cat House in Englewood.  He wishes it were Hollywood, he would be the most handsome movie star ever.  Romeo is a real love but he can turn into Rambo in an instant.  This guy has it all, personality, […]


Harriet celebrates every day with joy.   She is great, loving, purrfect, simple, happy and a good girl all around.  Harriet has had a busy life, she helped raise foster children, became a college student and is enjoying her retierment.  This girl has it all but a home to call […]


DeeDee was given to someone for a mouser cat but she was so afraid of the big dog, she isn’t an outside cat.  DeeDee stays snuggled up to the heater most the time.  She is very quiet.  This girl just wants a quiet home where she can be loved.

Basement Betsy

Basement Betsy loves baseball, hows that for a girl.  Her favorite movie is “A league of their own” with her favorite actor Tom Hanks.  Betsy loves to show off with her knowledge of baseball trivia.  This girl is sure to bring a smile to your face and heart.  She is […]


Bagel is a little shy but warms up quickly with new people.  She loves hanging out on the towers and watching the other cats play.  Bagel loves a quiet home where she can practice her violin.   She prefers a home where she can get all of your attention.   […]


Apache is one orange cat who knows exactly what he wants out of life.  He is having the best time on his skate board.  This guy knows how to roll with the good times. He is kind of shy but would come out of his shell for the right person […]


Abby has a winning personality and lots of charm.  She loves water colors and paints portraits all the time.  This girl likes garden parties where she can entertain all her girlhood friends. A good country dance with live music makes her happy inside. She loves to play violin and watch […]

Sammy chillin' the evening he was rescued

Sweet Sam-Adopted :)

This plucky little kitty had the bad luck of ending up in the wrong household. On the evening of Tuesday 10/6 he was found by a neighbor dragging a broken hind leg down the street. Our hearts were further shredded to learn that he had been injured in an undefined […]