Brandon’s benevolent two

Brandon rescued these two off the street. He and his family have done a wonderful job keeping them healthy and safe. We love our foster homes, we provide everything they need plus mentoring to keep them safe at home until they can be adopted. Now it is time for them to go, “fly the coop” and become someone’s best buddies. If you would like to see them, please contact our coordinator, she will help you out. She is great with our foster homes. 541-260-5303 They had a veterinary visit on 11/9/2020 Wendy met at pick-up delivery at Walmart, suppose to meet Brandon at 1 to get 2 kittens and Mary Raymond to get Baby girl. Well Brandon forgot, then said he was on his way then text that they adopted them out per his mother in law. Which is it Brandon? Sad they adopted sick kittens out. We need to get foster paper work to those we are trying to help with felines.

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