Baby Little Bit

She just wants to be your everything. She is a little girl with a big spirit. Baby girl doesn’t like it in the corner of life, she wants to shine bright. Please opt to adopt from Kohl’s, we work hard to match you up with the right pet. The best way we know how “is let the feline pick you” . They know what they are looking for in a human. It is energy with energy, they can feel the good vibes. This little one would love to make your life full again. Cats bring out the best in each one of us if given a chance to shine. Call our coordinator and find out how to make you life better with a feline or two. 541-260-5303 11/10/2020 went to see our vet in Bandon, gave her eye salve for the left eye. She is doing great, spayed, vaccinated and ready for her next adventure.

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