Billy the kid

Bill the guy saw this cat roaming in his neighborhood, he went to the shelter and picked up a live trap. He caught “Billy the kid” Friday morning 1/8/2021 and brought him to the Cat House. A volunteer (me) was headed to the vet in Bandon, so I took Billy the kid with me in the live trap. I had 2 appointments and they saw 3, which helped but Billy wasn’t seen. We set him up in a kennel where he wasn’t happy, he tried to bite/claw as we covered the kennel with blankets so he would feel more secure. 1/11/2021 I took him into Snipped to get him looked at. The guy Bill said he had a limp, so get his foot checked out plus get him neutered. I got a call from Snipped once the vet tech and vet took a look at Billy the kid, knocked out of course. He had ulcers or blisters in his mouth and down into his lungs, Calicivirus. We put Billy the kid down, he went to the Chapel to get cremated. A sad day for this volunteer.

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