Kittens in a box

4 adorable kittens left in a box, there were 5 but someone who found them wanted one. Please get the adult cats fixed so no one is left in a box on the street. It’s sad when they remove the kittens, the mother cat breeds again and they are right […]


Curtis is a handsome guy with lots of joy to spread around your house. He loves to snuggle, cuddle and make your life better by being in it. Curtis would love to make your life a whole lot better with him in it. He loves attention. This guy would fit […]


He will melt your blue Suede shoes if you don’t watch out. This guy is a love and follows you everywhere to get attention. Let Elvis sing his way into your heart, with his cool black hair to the tips of his paws. He is one special cat. We want […]

Sam i am

Sam was among the 40 plus we were trapping here in North Bend. He is a super friendly guy but don’t touch his hind quarters, he doesn’t like it. Perhaps he has an old injury, we don’t have any history with this guy. He is now neutered, which will keep […]


Toyota is here with a friend called Tonka, they play quite well with each other. Tonka is the bossier of the two, not good with small children. These two wouldn’t mind a home together. Please opt to adopt locally, saving lives in our community. We do a lot of the […]


A very busy guy with a little attitude. He is rough and tough so no small children and a savvy owner who doesn’t mind a rough kitten. He is full of life and happy to be here. He was left on someone’s doorstep with all his belongings. Tonka is super […]

Honey Money

This guy is so sweet he needed a name that reflects his personality. He came into our care paper thin, he was starved in a colony of over 40 cats left to breed with very little food. He is thriving now, he loves nothing more than spending time with you. […]


She was rescued with over 40 felines just left to breed, fed once a week 2 cups of food. They were so thin, some did not make it once rescued even with the best of care. The survivors are in need of an indoor only home, most have enough weight […]


Jake is a rescue and a wonderful boy. He loves attention. He is an indoor only kitten after being rescued off the side of the road. Babies of any kind don’t deserve to be dumped. They usually thrive in our foster homes, it is so hard with the shape they […]


Cher is the other half of Sonny, both are litter mates. They are having a blast now that they feel better, having kitty colds when they arrived off the cold streets. These two will entertain you for hours, having a blast while they do so. They can be and should […]


Sonny is beautiful to the eyes and that’s what most people see when they see a Siamese. He is recovering from a kitty cold but at the tail end of it, two more days of antibiotics (6-10-19) He is very bonded with his sister or just litter mates having a […]


Tilly is into everything especially your space. She is a funny girl who would make any household a happy place on Earth. This girl just has to be where you are, no matter what you might be doing. She is a curious girl for sure. Please come take a look […]


This little guy was up a tree when rescued, afraid he would run out into Ocean Blvd and get hit by a car. He is about 3 months old, healthy and happy now that he is indoors where it is safe. Kittens are usually used to other kittens as they […]


This girl came in pregnant but lost all four babies. She is now a healthy spayed female but a feral (not a lap cat) She would do best as a partner in a home, one that would learn in time to trust you. She is scared but we’ve seen them […]


Stacy is a stray also here at the Cat House. Are you missing a cat? Please call if you know this cat. They all deserve a wonderful indoor only home so they will be safe. This is a spayed female now. She is shy but comes around with attention and […]


This guy was living outdoors, abandoned or just lost. He is now a neutered male cat. He seems well adjusted. He is UTD on everything, vaccines, flea and worm treated. This guy just needs to settle in a home that will take care of him the rest of his days. […]

Bo & Sassy

She is scared right now, owner went into a nursing facility and I guess the family didn’t want her two cats. They are overwhelmed with all the cats that reside at the Cat House. They certainly need some one on one care. She is light orange and her close friend […]


She was Baby Girl but that is unfitting name for a new mom, she is now Bridgette with 5 newborns. We need a foster home with an extra room to help keep her babies and herself safe from harm. Right now she is living in a kennel surrounded by about […]


Lucy is high up on the top of a kennel in the infirmary. She likes it up high, she can watch everything from her perch. She is a delightful indoor only cat. She doesn’t like it in a kennel, who would? She is free to roam inside the space available […]

Smokey 17

I guess all gray cats that come our way either have the name Smokey because they are gray, lack of another name or someone in our facility gives them the simple name. Smokey came in with a buddy perhaps a brother but he has since left us. They were not […]


Mimi came in with her brother but he has since been adopted once he was neutered and up to date on his vaccines, flea medication and dewormed. Mimi is about 8 months old. She hasn’t been feeling so hot but coming around with 24/7 care, she needs to learn to […]


A tiny little girl with a big heart. She just wants to get settled into life with someone who truly cares about her. She was brought into Hanson Hospital for animals as a stray. The veterinarian called Kohl’s to see if we had room. She would love to get one […]


This big guy is a real gentle guy. He is ready to being his life in your home. He is getting used to things here inside a kennel. It’s like being in prison to him. He just wants to be free so he can mingle and get to know you. […]


A silly dog name but whatever. He is a great big love, he wants some freedom from his kennel right now. If he were to find a perfect home, he could escape the confines of his kennel. He is ready to be the best feline ever. This guy is a […]

Billie Holiday

Billie was literally dumped from a moving car near 7-11, she doesn’t understand the cruelty. She is a very affectionate cat. Billie would make a great indoor only pet, adoption is for the life of the pet. Come visit the cat house today, see who picks you as their new […]


Goldie had been living on the street until a concerned company called Kohl’s Cat House, she was rescued and now lives indoors only. She is a talker and will tell you about her day every single day. She is very busy too. A quiet house might be best for her […]

White Radish

He’s scared out of his mind, but he’s safe in our Tiki Lounge for the time being. Norman has spotted another cat that looks just like him in a certain dumping spot in Charleston where he feeds daily. White Radish is obviously lived on his own for sometime or not […]


Mitzy came in with Missy but one is super friendly and the other is not. Mitzy was friendly with her owner but unsure of other people. Her daughter moved on to OHS (Oregon Humane Society of Portland) where adoptions are much higher than here and they rarely euthanize due to […]


Mittens is in the sun room where it is very bright and pleasant. She isn’t so sure about other cats or people but every day she gets a little more trusting. Please open your home and heart to these two, they don’t care for the cat house. It is filled […]

Luke Skywalker

I can’t believe this Lynx Point Siamese is still here at the Cat House. He wants to go home today. He has boundless energy as he is a teenager. Luke likes to fly about the house, climbing the tower, playing in cat nip or just zooming from one end to […]


Help me Rhonda, can’t stop singing that song while looking at this beauty. She really wants attention, one on one with the person who takes her home. Rhonda loves to be with you, she likes to be warm, dry and plenty of food/water too. Rhonda will brighten any day for […]


Christopher Robin has arrived at the Cat House. He was found wandering near Riley Ranch and just looking for a dry place to be during all this rain. He is dry, well fed and happy to be indoors once again. Robin is friendly, loves company and will warm your heart […]


She’s a big fluffy female with an adorable personality. This girl is every cat person’s dream. She is beautiful, smart and loves attention. Marmalade is just waiting for the right home, she is an indoor cat, loves to gaze out the window and relax when you are ready too.

Yellow guy

Yellow guy is super friendly, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. This guy will keep you company, tell you jokes to keep you laughing and just be your best buddy ever. What’s not to like about him? You must come meet and greet him, he is one […]


Winsor is a gentleman, he is quiet but not shy. This guy would love a place to call his own, hang his hat up and stay a while. If you are looking for an indoor only cat, come take a look at him. He will be a good boy and […]

Sugar Pie

A Siamese with a deformed foot, she is shy at first but warms up quickly to the right person. She is affectionate once you get to know her, she won’t leave you alone. This girl is in foster with a family in Lakeside, she gets what she needs and lots […]


A young boy of 8 months at 10 pounds, this Maine Coon won’t last. He is in foster care right now as we have URI going through the CH. This guy is super mellow, tufts in his ears, big feet and oh so soft. He could spend hours on your […]


Monty is a extraordinary guy perhaps because he is so mellow and orange. He doesn’t mind anything, it seems nothing bothers him. A true friend who will keep all your secrets tucked away in his bright mind. He loves to cuddle, snuggle and give head butts but not too hard. […]

Lady Gaga

She is a star and she knows it. She isn’t spotted out too often but when you do catch a glimpse of her, you are in awe! This girl kind of blends in with the rest of our tabbies, but she stands out too. Please give some of them time […]


She is a feisty cat, don’t doddle or she will catch you with her claws. She isn’t for young children only older respectful children. She doesn’t care for fast movement, lingering or attention given. She likes a box, a place of her own and some privacy. Kelly doesn’t like other […]


This guy went to our vet about a month ago, things just weren’t right with him. He had blood work done, didn’t indicate anything wrong. We brought him back to the cat house, he was doing okay after a round of antibiotics but now he is sliding back down hill. […]

Buddy TomE

This guy is a real lover, he loves everything life has to offer except ear mites. He was being tortured by ear mites, he scratched so much he mutilated one ear and tore his neck up pretty good. A day/night with our veterinary in Bandon (Baum) he is so much […]

Black Berry Pie

The sweetest cat ever, she is a little on the chunky side but who cares. This girl talks to you, she wants you to listen to her. Black Berry Pie is very social and loves her chins scratched. If you dream of a Beautiful cat who would fill your life […]


Schmooo is a handsome boy and he is laid back. This guy would love to just hang out, get some attention and relax when you do. He isn’t in any hurry to go any where. He is an indoor only cat that loves to be warm, enjoying the world from […]


Persy was left by her two owners, they gave a bag of food to the neighbor and said they were on their way to another state, UHaul was loaded and ready to go. They left Persy the Persian and Pesto a tiger, not their names but will do for now. […]


Stormy is a loving feline. She just needs a home where she can shower you with all this love she has to give. Stormy has a name that doesn’t fit her at all. She doesn’t have a bad side to her, a dark stormy side. She is all love.

Tuesday – Friday

We have 4 plus more feral cats looking for a safe, warm place to reside outdoors, perhaps a barn. They will need fed daily and fresh water available to them while they reside with you. Some may come around and some day you will be able to pet them. They […]

Angie & Angel

This mother daughter duo are quite unique. They are both kittens. Mom Angie had 4 kittens but unfortunately the people that had her, took the 4 kittens away. They said she had been injured and wouldn’t feed them. So we had a foster mom try her luck, it wasn’t enough. […]


Joon is still recovering from ringworm, the foster mom has it under control she just needs to grow her hair back on her tail. This girl is obsessed with hair ties, she will pack them around, toss them in the air and just have a blast with a hair tie. […]

3 dark torti

These 3 dark torti’s are sisters. They are in foster to keep them safe, they do not have an immune system to fight off adult cat disease. It is great to have such wonderful foster homes that keep them healthy until they can be spay/neutered then adopted. They are loving […]

2 Gray kittens

Two cute cuddly gray kittens are in one of our foster homes. They get away from possible illness and disease because their little bodies can’t fight things off until they are at least 6 months old. It is safer to have them in foster care. We are always looking for […]


Monty is a very tall handsome guy. He is curious and full of life. He would make a great cat for your family. This guy made himself right at home. He will adjust well as an indoor only cat. Cats prefer to be with their humans, they like it warm […]


Misty was found along a driveway one cold morning in December. She was unresponsive, cold and lifeless. The woman scooped her up and brought her to Gloria. Gloria knew she must first get the cat warm, it is the most important step when finding a cold cat/kitten. Then see if […]


Darci is safe now at the Cat House. A so called rescuer took her in and kept her in a tiny crate, out once a day to go potty as there wasn’t room for a litter box. This person took her in to get spayed at Snipped, paid by someone […]

June Bug

June bug was left wandering at the Charleston boat basin. Thank goodness she caught the eye of a rescue person that brought her to the Cat House. She is full of energy and loves attention. She is battling a little Upper Respiratory Infection right now but has seen a veterinarian […]


Marcy has her very own kennel at the Cat House with the doors open, she can come and go as she pleases. Right now there are a lot of cats in house, she grumbles a bit at them as she moves about. Marcy was abandoned along with Mary and Molly. […]


Mary is just learning the ropes here at the Cat House. She doesn’t see so well but is adjusting in the Sun room. We have so many adult cats right now it can be overwhelming to new cats coming in off the street. Mary was abandoned with two other cats […]


Molly came in with Mary and Marcy. These 3 were dumped on a relatives lawn and left to fend for themselves. This is abandonment! We have them safe at the Cat House now. Molly is dark torti and a little shy but we have a lot of adult cats in […]


Sunday is a beautiful Siamese teenager kitten. She is shy but sweet.


Cosmo just came in a few days ago, we aren’t even sure if it’s a he or she at this point. We know that the other cats in the same room upset this cat. We move slowly with the new ones, we don’t like them to bite us. So come […]

Douglas jr.

Douglas is a card, he loves to entertain you from his silly antics. He is running around having a great time, then he climbs into our food bucket that usually has a lid on it, he starts eating from the bucket. The next time you see him, he’s on top […]


Emily is a sweet teenager. She is comfortable around everyone. She hasn’t been around dogs so that might be a problem but she is cat friendly. Emily loves attention, she loves to play and just enjoy the day with you. If you are looking for a super friendly girl who […]

Fruit Loop

She is vivacious, she doesn’t slow down either. This little girl is like an energizer bunny, she goes and goes and goes. She will need to be an only pet, as she doesn’t care for any other living thing in her home but you. She likes her freedom, she doesn’t […]


Abandonment is why this girl is here at the Cat House. The people fed her for 2 years but would not let her inside, they had little dogs inside but she wasn’t allowed no matter what the weather was doing. They moved on and left her on the front porch, […]

Grace & Karen

Grace and Karen are close and now in close quarters in a pen at the cat house. They are friendly but it’s hard to adjust when you are in a small pen, lots of cats running around and one in particular who hates other cats that shares the same room. […]

Another Smokey

Yes, another gray cat named Smokey, like we can’t come up with something more original right? Any way I think he was a stray that seems super healthy but a bad sore above his left eye. He will see a vet Monday October 8, 2018 unless it starts clearing up […]


Arago was dumped on Arago hwy and left to die there. He was picked up by a concerned citizen and brought to us. He had a silver dollar abscess on his belly, when it popped after hot packs applied his temperature went up and he lost his will to live. […]

Mrs. Brady 6

Mrs. Carol Brady is in foster care with her 6 kittens, 3 boys and 3 girls. She has her paws full taking care of so many but she is devoted mother. They are super friendly, almost over 2 lbs so they will get spay/neutered soon unless they go to Portland […]


Jensen doesn’t know he is a kitten, he thinks he is a BIG cat. Someday he will grow into his attitude. He was left on a door step when his forever home was foreclosed on. His dad was hit by a car, his mom had use of only 3 legs […]


Pickle is in a real pickle or she was being dumped in our community. Cats are domesticated, they can’t survive w/o human interaction. If you don’t want more, don’t let them breed, get them to your veterinary and have them spay/neutered. That will solve a whole lot of issues here […]


He’s one cool cat, Sampson. He sleeps but when he hears you, he is up and ready for his meal, petting or just to hang out with you. He isn’t afraid of the other cats, some are just not nice so he stays in his own space. Sampson would make […]


Birdie is a girl that can do anything she wants. She isn’t so great with other animals especially other cats, she prefers to be by herself. She guards her room from other cats and makes a big loud noise when others try to enter her space. She is super cool. […]


Cooley is a young lady that is only about 8 months old. So many are being dumped in our state parks and other areas where people think they will survive on their own. Cooley just wants to be noticed and loved, don’t we all. Come visit her today, she will […]

Penny Lane

Penny Lane found her self homeless after her owner died. She was being cared for in her home until they had to clean it out, now she’s at the Cat House. She is not happy here. She needs a quiet home with no other pets. She just wants life back […]

Carol Brady

Carol Brady is all alone without Mike to help raise 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. She is doing a fantastic job. Mike ran off with Alice, so Carol hasn’t any help in raising her 6 kittens. The kittens are almost 2 lbs and will be ready for a […]


Hercules was just a wandering cat when found, now she is an adopted cat as of 9/22/18. Way to go Hercules, a loving forever home for her in Reedsport. She will make her people proud, a great girl with a tender spot for a quiet home.


Frannie came in with kittens, unwanted after giving birth. It happens often in this community, we can change that by getting our pets spay/neutered. You can call and get information on how to get them fixed for FREE. Let’s work on change, it starts with you. Frannie is a young […]


Reed is a handful but a genuine guy who will love rough play and lots of attention. He is very active so he will need to be stimulated with a laser light or other interactive play. This guy is super friendly and loves to follow you around. If you are […]

Emmy Lou

Emmy Lou is the other half of her sister Dolly, see Dolly for write up


Dolly and Emmy Lou were left behind when their owner died. They were indoor only cats now they find themselves living in the elements outside, food/water isn’t available most the time as they rely on a kind neighbor that is feline friendly. Please leave instructions for your pets no matter […]


Star isn’t so sure about life at the Cat House but she is trying to adjust. With so many felines, living inside a cage is terrifying. This girl will need patience to see if she will calm down and adjust. Star is just scared stiff right now and doesn’t want […]


Tiki’s owner passed away recently leaving her without a home. She is a beautiful cat with a winning personality. This girl will warm your heart and home. Tiki loves attention. She is scared inside a pen at the cat house, for her safety until she relaxes. She would rather go […]

Sparkle Meghan Markle

Sparkle Markle is a wonderful little girl, she has raised her 4 kittens and is now ready to warm your house with her presence. She is shy so will need a patient home where she can shine. She also needs the home to be quiet, no small children, dogs or […]


We haven’t been able to check but think it’s a boy, so called him Griffin. He is scared and backed up in his kennel. We will give him time. While he waits to go to Snipped, we will continue to work with him. We have great volunteers that like to […]


This girl did nothing wrong but get pregnant. She is scared but who wouldn’t be inside a cage. We need foster homes for cats like her and others in need of a quiet space. She hasn’t eaten but they usually pout a few days once in captivity. We are keeping […]

Mama Coach plus 3 kittens

Mama Coach showed up at The Coach House restaurant in Eastside, she brought along 3 kittens. They were live trapped by the owner of the restaurant and Gloria transported them to the Cat House where they await The Snipped Clinic on Monday. They seem frightened but not to scared like […]

Nelson Mandella

He was found on the road by a college student, she took him to a couple veterinary offices locally but they told her to call Kohl’s Cat House. He stayed the night then the very next day he went to one of our beloved vets in Reedsport. He is a […]

Kittens coming out of our ears

We have calls several times a day about kittens, kitten on Craigslist, Kittens without moms, kittens everywhere, kittens being dumped and found on the street/ditch. All our kittens under 6 months are usually in foster care, it is not safe to have them at the Cat House.  They do not […]


Squeek is an older girl of 13 but acts like she is only about 6 years old. She loves to play, chase and pounce around. She isn’t so sure of other cats but she likes people. Any attention at all and she is purring up a storm. She has been […]

Freddie girl

Freddie girl was hanging out at the flower shop part of Fred Meyers grocery store here in Coos Bay. She is a happy go lucky girl, no cares in the world. Freddie loves attention and she likes to show off. This pretty kitty wants a home of her own. She […]

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea doesn’t know what to think of life so far, she was pregnant at 6 months old, her two kittens died shortly after giving birth. She became a foster mom to 5 other kittens without a mom, she was so sweet, gentle and attentive to them but she became […]


She is only 8 months old and her life is just now getting better for her. She had a vet visit the other day, she has ear mites and a poor diet that are causing her such grief with her skin issues. She has open wounds on her head and […]


Cher is a wild child, she just wants to hang with her friends at the mall, listen to music and date her current boyfriend. Cher loves treats, she is weaving in and out of your legs begging for them at the end of the day. She isn’t super friendly but […]


Douglas was living life on the streets in Bandon, he only weighed 6 lbs. His blood work done at our veterinary in Bandon wasn’t good, the vet thought he had bone marrow cancer but we gave him a great diet and had it checked again. It was his diet of […]


Sylvester has been here a few weeks, he isn’t so sure about coming out of his kennel. There are a lot of free roaming cats here, some like to pick on the new guys. Sylvester has lived outdoors all winter, a concerned neighbor took care of him. He loves it […]


Wally is pretty laid back sort of guy. He does love attention and responds to touch. He hasn’t been here all that long to figure things out but he will unless adopted. Wally is a medium haired guy who loves being brushed daily. He will sit on your lap while […]


Nesbit is almost all white with orange dots, he is a solid dude and can take care of himself. This guy is a neutered male (all our cats are spay/neutered prior to adoption) who seems pretty mellow so far. If you are missing your cat or just looking to adopt, […]

Honey bits

Honey Bits was found as a stray and seems to be well adjusted here. She is in with our big guy Mufasa, of course she is the boss even if he does out weigh her at 17 lbs. She would love to have her hair brushed daily. This girl is […]


He is King of the Castle or anything else he wants to be King of, this guy is big, not fat, big at 17 lbs. His owner got a new puppy and it seemed they got along until this guy started going pee outside his litter box, a way he […]

Ricky I’m home

Ricky I’m home is a super loving guy. He just needs a family to call his own. He would prefer one on one but he isn’t picky because he’s Ricky. This guy is one handsome dude. We don’t know much about his history only that his owner died suddenly leaving […]