Monthly Archives: April 2021

Meredith Grey

ADOPTED! She is a beautiful tiger girl. She is about 4 weeks old now. The 3 siblings are being hand raised since they were taken from their mother at only days old. In a few weeks, she will be off the bottle she loves and move on to a bowl […]

Mag Pie

ADOPTED! She is only 4 weeks old but being hand raised is no easy feat. She will need a few more weeks to adjust from a bottle to a bowl. She has the litter box down pretty good. She is in the best hands ever, a foster mom who rarely […]

Zo Zo Kitty

She was called Kitty but we call her Zo Zo Kitty. She is shy as it isn’t fun arriving at such a busy place, cats every where. There is literally no where to hide unless you are in a cage and have a private place to go such as a […]


ADOPTED! He is amazingly handsome and super friendly. This guy can do no wrong. He has charm, personality and a whole lot of love to give, perhaps head butts as well. We are in house 8-10 every morning, 7 days a week as well as 3 p.m. So if your […]

Oreo Oh

ADOPTED! She is a gentle wonderful cat. Her owner kept tripping over her, so she was brought to the Cat House. She is a little scared in a cage. Cats don’t know why they are being given up on. They don’t have a clue but find themselves in an unfamiliar […]

Hot Lips

ADOPTED! She may belong to someone as people moved to Coos Bay from North Bend and she showed up. Is she your cat or someone you know, they live on Radar Road. She is a beauty and friendly enough. We don’t know much about her. She is young with bright […]

Jay Jay

ADOPTED! An older tiger guy brought in from Bandon. He looks to have been on his own for a while. You will have to contact our coordinator to get more information. The people that brought him in sign a surrender form, so we have info about them but not the […]


Bella is beautiful but afraid of so many felines in house, who wouldn’t be. It’s a territorial issue, not many felines like other felines, they like their space. Many find a spot in house and stay in that spot rarely moving around, perhaps to use the litter box or to […]


Curry is a friendly Tabby waiting for a new home. We don’t know a lot about most the cats coming in as people bring them to us, they should fill out a surrender form so we have a little bit about who brought them in. You can call our coordinator […]


A tiger cat (female) from Englewood and Libby area. She’s been wandering for about a month. Are you missing your tiger cat? She is safe at the cat house but would love her family (if she has one) to come see if she is yours and pick her up. We […]